Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Code of ethics

Our code of ethics and business conduct aims at maintaining and promoting responsible corporate practices within our team. These practices are reflected in the sound and responsible decisions that are taken to meet clients and partners needs while not compromising Bureau d’études spécialisées’ code of ethics.

Our code also aims at maintaining a relationship based on trust with our clients, partners, and all stakeholders in the field. The quality of our services and the ethical conduct of each employee is rewarded by the trust that our clients place in us thereby guaranteeing our steady growth.

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Social commitment

Sustainable and responsible development is one of Bureau d’études spécialisées fundamental values. We are committed to contributing to the social, economic and environmental development of the communities.

Professional development

The firm’s commitment to continuing education contributes to the development of its human resources. We create an environment that encourages employees to make use of all their capacities and skills to achieve high standards of performance while simultaneously developing their skills. Professional development is a priority for the firm and it is achieved through encouraging their employee to pursue continuing education and skill development.

Our action also includes mentoring students during their studies. B.E.S offers internships to engineering students. This experience within a dynamic and knowledgeable team enables them to put their knowledge in practice and accelerate their career.

Good environmental practices

We have made the choice to implement practices that contribute to the preservation of non-renewable resources. We favour environmentally-friendly practices and reduce waste generation in the development of solutions. The use of construction materials such as wood is favoured considering its CO2 retention and its low environmental footprint.


The welfare of local communities is also our concern and B.E.S. is involved in several charitable activities such as food drives and donations.